"I am Expansive" / by Chanti Tacoronte-Perez

Your arms wide open.
Endless possibilities—
a rise to greatness

She had just completed a beautiful yantra, and felt an immense desire, to learn and know more. Then the painting spoke to her, it said: “you must go to India and immerse yourself in the science of yantras.” Who was this speaking to her? It was Brihaspati, Jupiter. He is a self illuminating planet, generating more light through himself, than from the Sun. Can you imagine a light brighter than that of the suns? Those that know him well call him Guru, meaning teacher, as well as “remover of darkness”.

She felt his immense light and power guiding her; he is in fact regarded as the teacher of gods. He teaches that anything is possible and helps us towards that possibility by instilling courage, fearlessness and shakti––power. He provides us with the energy to work hard, as well as monumental confidence in our own wisdom so that we may speak and articulate clearly. Jupiter is so big and bold, that the student sees herself in him, sees all her potential and is changed forever, as she listens and follows in the direction of her teacher, herself. This deep listening gives her the nourishment, vitality or Ojas to continue forward.

Resting in your lap
I’m recognizing greatness, 
stepping into Dharma.