A Quest to Write & Share / by Chanti Tacoronte-Perez

I am going on a virtual pilgrimage and sharing it with all of you. For the next couple of months I will be putting together a collage of Yantra, Haiku and stories. The stories will be based on the symbology, history and most important research by creative practice, or put in other words, new understanding that I have experienced while working with a particular Yantra. 

This collage of image, word and story is meant to inspire and shift, not to produce more facts. For a while I thought that I had to “know”everything (and I mean everything) about anything in order to feel like I had authority to speak. What I am now realizing is that an artist, or a creative has only one authority, that of experience. You can be a “scholar” and research all the facts in the world, and not have any clue why a painting moves you, why a song can change your mood in an instant or why words bring you to tears. 

Paulo Cohelo said in a recent interview that he begins his work by asking the question, “who am I?” For him the work then becomes a pilgrimage.  A Yantra is ancient geometrical pattern that represents different forms of divinity; the creation of them as well as contemplation & meditation on them has the power to change you, by repeatedly engaging in the question “who am I?” They are archetypal images, pictures that retain some of the originating creative power of the archetype or in this case the Yantra. Poetry, music, dance and beauty is the language of the soul, if we want to access more of it we must engage in that dialogue to remember the language. Yantra Wisdom is my way of remembering, and as always I feel compelled to share that gift with the world.