"I am I am supported by all that is seen & unseen" / by Chanti Tacoronte-Perez

I spread my wings wide
My body feels your presence 
as I soar boundless

The moment she crossed the threshold, she felt a change. Something had transformed; was it within her, or was it the space around. Did it matter if the space around her changed or her inner space altered her perception of the space she occupied? 

The siddhi or power of Bhuvaneshvari is space created (physical and subtle). Birth can be seen as the the ultimate form of creativity, only it does not have to be of a physical human life. Bhuvaneshvari is the sacred expanse of the universe who gave birth to all that exists, the whole matrix that is this world. Like a mother who’s womb grows creating space in her physical body for a child, Bhuvaneshvari is symbolic of the space we give for our most creative potential to blossom. She, or that space is the container which has the capacity to hold infinitely.

She is Earth Mother, the most primal mother of all, where all things grow, we live within her. “She is a mother whom we come to know only as we begin to long for a mother from whom we are not separated…she is a fantasy creature…never identical with the personal mother. Although she is there from the beginning, our discovery of her is always a return, a re-cognition” (Downing, 2007). This return or re-cognition, is not of her, it is of ourselves. Bhuvaneshvari reminds us of our own space, our own bodies, and how it’s sacredness is equal to hers. The space that unconditional love occupies in the heart, is Bhuvaneshvari. 

My spiritual teacher Rod Stryker often mentions that behind each thought there is a desire, and I completely agree. Now I want to add that behind each desire, there is mother, a source that is allowing or pushing that desire though, to be birthed by psyche into consciousness.