"I am Creative" / by Chanti Tacoronte-Perez

Single pointed light 
guiding waves of unconscious
turbulent, unknown.

Those dark waters, the ones sailors had never crossed yet yearned to discover all beyond the horizon, below the sea. When those sailors were out in the unknown they had the sun, the moon, the ocean, the winds, and the patterns in the sky––the stars. The sky was used as a map, to new lands and the stars were those guides. Tara is the guiding star into the unrevealed, new territory, which is usually dark only because has not been seen.

Tara takes us across the deep, dark, turbulent waters, that have never have been crossed; navigating the stars, to be guided along the creative path. These waters often correspond to the mind. Tara evokes the Siddhi (power) of Trust. Trusting to be carried though difficulties of transformation and change, especially when one does not anticipate or know what awaits.

shining in the dark 
a sign of my sacred home
here where I am now