Navaratri 9 Days to in Devotion of Goddess / by Chanti Tacoronte-Perez

Day 1
Today is the first day of Navaratri a 9 days celebration to worship the divine feminine. According to Shambhavi, Ganesha is first to be invoked to remove all negativity, and to listen to Dhi our highest wisdom. The first three days Durga is honored to release the negativity and difficulties in our lives.

Day 2
Today we honor Shri Brahmacharini, the personification of truth, purity, sacred love and unwavering shraddha (faith). How do you practice unwavering devotion? Indu Aurora says that this Goddess walks with bare feet “symbolizing that there are no shortcuts in life and you cannot reach the goal any faster.” The way towards that goal is your practice. 

Today take a step towards your practice. Whether that’s sitting down and writing, meditating or coloring a mandala, just move in the direction of your goals, knowing that each step moves you towards her (maybe go out and feel the grass on your feet, and symbolically walk as the Goddess does)

Day 3 Today as we honor Ma Chandraghanta, we are reminded of the qualities of the moon as well as Shiva: nourishing and powerful; similar to how the changes of the moon effect ocean currents, subtle and yet visible. Indu Aurora wrote this affirmation today, which is such a great way to continue on the path of your Sadhana (practice)!  

“May we be bright as the Sun and yet calm as the moon...
May we be still as we move
May we be silent as we speak…” 

Here is a copy of the Durga Yantra to color, contemplate and to practice this affirmation of tranquility in the midst of turbulence.