Happy Birthday Ganesha / by Chanti Tacoronte-Perez

Om gam ganapataye namaha
Salutations to Ganesha, he who removes all obstacles, I call and pray to thee!
Gana-  all existing (names and forms)
isha- lordGanesha therefor means god of all beings and creation. 

Can you see the Divine in this round bellied god or do you become easily diverted by his appearance? When we learn to accept Ganesha as a Divine force it stills the rational mind and all of it’s doubts which are our greatest enemies. Similarly we can look away from those things we consider to be our greatest hurdles, instead ofbringing them to the surface to either accept or change them. 

Ganehsa is considered to be the great obstacle-remover because he is unshakable. The effect of drawing, painting and meditating on the Ganesha provides firmness. Giving you space, time and support to bring those obstacles to the surface––inspiring you towards balance.