Sri Yantra

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Sri Yantra



Sri Yantra is a representation of the body of goddess Tripura Sundari as well as the navel of the Divine mother or the configuration of the development and evolution of the cosmos. This particular Sri Yantra is constructed with five downward pointing triangles who signify the five tan mantras of sound, touch, sight, taste and smell as well as the five mahabhutas or elements. 

The four upward pointing triangles representing shiva consciousness and action; signifying the four parts of the mind: chitta (memory), buddhi (wisdom), ahamkara (ego) and manas (lower mind). These overlapping triangles create the cosmos and the bindu in the center is the great divine herself.

Sri Yantra organizes dissolution of the world and the mind. It is an alchemical symbol of the creative cosmology, or cosmology created. 

Your  yantra will comes with:

  • A booklet with more information on the yantra. 
  • Clear directions on how to meditate with the yantra

Each Yantra is Hand painted in a sacred space while chanting to the Divine Mother. 9cm Radius yantra on [apron size ]11 x 14 Arches watercolor paper (rough edges)

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