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Yantra Wisdom
Portals of Mystical Medicine

A 40 day Practice to Blossom Your Relationship

When I discovered the Yantra world, It changed my life forever; I am grateful for the insight they continue to offer.  Inspired to share more about yantras as a source of wisdom, I have created a course designed to support a personal practice with the Yantras in the Yantra Wisdom deck. Immerse yourself in the beauty and sanctity of the yantras.

This course will focus on: 

  • The breakdown of the Yantra Wisdom Deck: Planets, Chakras, Gods and Goddesses

  • Learn the names and pronunciation of each of the Yantras 

  • Learn how to chant the mantra of each yantra

  • Discover the shapes of the yantras and their meanings 

  • Develop creative-intuitive rituals for each of the cards

  • Start a 40-day Sadhana with the Yantra Wisdom Deck

  • Rituals to invoke a deeper relationship with each yantra 

Required supplies: 

Yantra Wisdom Deck & Guidebook. 
If you do not already own the deck and book, receive 25% off your purchase when you register for the course. Your promo code to purchase will come in your confirmation email. (limited supply available)

Dedicated Journal

Creative supplies (paper, crayons, colored pencils, markers or pastels-your choice)

Registration is by donation; offer what you can

With your registration you will receive: 

  • 25% off your purchase towards Yantra Wisdom deck and guidebook. 

  • 4 Zoom calls 

  • Creative tutorials

  • Course Craft Temple Classroom, where recordings, tutorials will be stored as well as a space to  connect with other participants, share your experience and engage in self-inquiry discussions. 

By Donation Register Here

Join us in community for a dedicated 4 week practice. 
Meeting Dates:  September 18, October 2, 16 & 30
Times: 8:30am Pacific/ 10:30am Central |  Approximate meeting time 1hour.

Missing a Zoom call
If you will be joining us at some other time the link for each week will be available later on in the day in our Course Craft classroom, along with the supporting materials and practices..