Creative Durga Puja Day 1 / by Chanti Tacoronte-Perez

Navaratri Blessings 

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Today, [March 18] is the first day of the Spring Navaratri a 9 days celebration to worship the divine feminine. According to Yogini Shambhavi, Ganesha is first to be invoked to remove all negativity, and to listen to Dhi our highest wisdom. The first three days Durga is honored to release the negativity and difficulties in our lives. 

On the first day of Navaratri calls for the reuniting of mothers and daughters; the embrace of Persephone and Demeter, and a deep gratitude for the nourishment our mother Earth continues to provide. 

On this day we honor the power of transformation as Shri Shailaputri, the daughter of the Himalayas she reflects steadfast invincible courage. To invite the agitation and stirring, yet have the strength and support to withstand—like the mountains. 

At the beginning of this celebration we can create an intention or sankalpa for ourselves during this time of release and renewal. 
One way to honor Ganesha as well as the 9 nights honoring the divine is through his yantra. 

Ganesha Yantra Sadhana

To color your Ganesha Yantra click the image above and download your Yantra PDF.
Create a tranquil and calm external space.
Gather the colors necessary to finish the yantra
Create a tranquil and calm internal space by closing the eyes, slowing down the breath. Then ask for the grace of Ganesha's support.  
Color the yantra by chanting "GAM" the Beeja mantra for Ganehsa. 


Bhupur- First line is gold, second is lemon yellow. The inside of the gates is Grass green. 
Petal Ring- These rings are gold; the actual petals are Flame/ vermillion red, the inside peaks of the petals are a darker red. This lotus rests in the color silver, as seen around the petals.
Triangle- The larger orange/ saffron triangle, represents immortality.  
Star- The 6 pointed star is lemon yellow and outlined in a flame/ vermillion--the same color as the petals. 

Please note that this PDF is for personal use only, not to be shared or posted on other sites without permission


Use this Durga Yantra to bring awareness to these 9 nights, as well as the love and power of DURGA MA!
Click on the image to download the Durga Yantra PDF. It will have the mantra, and perscribed colors used to complete the yantra.