Day 5: Creative Durga Puja / by Chanti Tacoronte-Perez


Is your desire, really what you want? Skanda Mata, connects us with the throat chakra of expression as well as moving towards immense pleasure of the soul and peace in the mind.

She is the mother of Skanda—god of war, often associated with the planet Mars. We are honoring the source of courage, discipline, the fire that burns all ignorance and bestows the highest light of knowledge. We can honor her by sharpening our concentration, acknowledge with clarity what it is that we truly desire (at the level of the heart) and with unwavering confidence walk towards it without looking back. 


Take a moment to contemplate what it is that you are currently truly desiring, as well as what gets in the way. Make a list of ways to combat those distractions that can easily lure you away from you highest desires. Put them up somewhere to remind you to stay the course.