Creativity Mandala: A 30-day Exploration in Defining Creativity

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Creativity Mandala: A 30-day Exploration in Defining Creativity

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The moon is a natural time keeper, it’s cycle begins in total darkness, and at the mid point, we awe at it’s brilliance; then the moon continues it’s path back to darkness. Creativity is similar to the phases of the moon, in that it is continuously changing.

Creativity like the moon has for some also lost it’s natural luminosity and purpose. In today’s “busy-fast-quick-connected and efficient" lifestyle we don’t consider ourselves creative because we have forgotten our innate and intuitive coat; more often than not, we don’t make the time. 

For the next moon cycle begin, rekindle or establish a relationship with the creative that you are! From the darkness of the new moon to the beginning of the next new moon embark in a daily ritual of creativity. 

The Creativity Mandala e-book is your daily guide for creative suggestions. We start off with shorter projects and rituals, leading to a culminating creative mandala. This 30 day practice is just like the moon: some nights the moon is bright and other nights it can be covered by the clouds. 

This is not a time to push yourself to be creative (you already are) but to give yourself the space and support to create relationship with your creative self. 

It is not about a finished product but about the process of interacting and living more creatively. 

What you get: 

  • Daily inspiration 
  • Simple creative projects, suggestions for greater projects and projects that build from one day to the next. 
  • 2 Video Tutorials
  • Yoga Nidra Audio Recording
  • A time to learn and engage with your creative self! 

Best to start on New Moons

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My Favorite Testimonial

Chanti has a gentle way of nudging me along, stretching me just enough to continue my growth in creativity. Time commitments occasionally get the better of me but with pen and pencil now always at the ready, I can doodle to my heart's content. As my thoughts and ideas flow more easily, it feels as though I am flowing more easily through life. Kick your "critical self" to the curb and allow creativity back into your life and heart. "Let 'er go and let 'er flow”!
Cathy, Fargo, MN