Honoring Ganesha - A Yantra Wisdom Painting Workshop

  • Midtown Yoga, Memphis TN 816 S. Cooper Street Memphis, TN, 38104 United States

In India, Ganesha is the most popular deity, he is worshiped as the lord of beginnings and the lord of obstacles. We will honor Ganesha though mantra and yantra, which will give us the support to face our obstacles and eventually be freed of them. 

The Ganesha yantra is used to remove mental, physical and emotional obstacles that keep us from feeling Sri, our resplendence or divine nature.

The word yantra in sanskrit means tool, machine or instrument. Yantras are usually geometric diagrams, made of a small dot (bindu) surrounded by circles, triangles, and squares, each having symbolic meaning. These shapes come together to form the pattern of the divine. A yantra is also a visual form of a mantra used to strengthen your focus in meditation. 

We will learn the symbology and meaning of the different parts of the Ganesha Yantra and how they relate to our own obstacles. The construction (drawing and painting) of the yantra will take us deeper into the feeling of devotion, meditation and sacredness. 

When our yantras are complete we will learn how to use them for daily meditation and take home the tools that help us overcome our obstacles. 

This class is for all level students. No artistic talent or ability required just patience and an open mind. Please bring a pencil and eraser. If you have compass and ruler bring that too. All other materials will be provided. 


Date: Saturday July 23, 2016
Time: 10:00am-4:00pm (with lunch break) 
Location: Midtown Yoga Too | 816 S. Cooper Memphis TN
Register: www.midtownyogamemphis.com
Early Bird $108 | $120 after 4/16
($10 Supply fee paid in cash on day of workshop).