TARA: The Guiding Star

DATE: Sunday January 4, 2015
TIME: 11:30am - 6:00pm 
PRICE: $108 
PLACE: Chanti’s house
Ayurvedic lunch will be provided
@ 1:00pm of Kitchari, greens and veggies, and of course Chai tea.  

Space is limited to 7, please reserve in advance. A $50 non-refundable deposit is due upon reservation. 







Starting the new year cycle with auspicious perspective and intentions to live our Svadharma-our souls purpose. 

Tara takes us across the deep, dark, turbulent waters, that never have been crossed; navigating the stars, to be guided along the creative path. These waters often correspond to the mind. Tara evokes the Siddhi (power) of Trust. Trusting to be carried though difficulties of transformation and change, especially when one does not anticipate or know what awaits. This coming year, we need trust in ourselves and with the straight and new knowledge that Tara brings, we  open ourselves to be reminded of that. 

The word yantra in sanskrit means tool, machine or instrument. Yantras are usually geometric diagrams, made of a small dot (bindu) surrounded by circles, triangles, and squares, each having symbolic meaning. These shapes come together to form the pattern of the divine. A yantra is also a visual form of a mantra used to strengthen your focus in meditation.

Yantra painting is a meditative practice. Using the left and right side of the brain simultaneously, by chanting and drawing/painting, harmony arises. These ancient symbols also hold archetypal energy, the shapes and colors (depending on the yantra/chakra) help us to remember our primal self, and our divine nature. The chant is the link to the sacred sounds, they help to focus our inner chatter to just one thing at a time. Slowing down our minds, and shifting our perspective,  we naturally feel better.

We will learn the symbology and meaning of the different parts of the Tara Yantra and how she relates to our own lives, as well a The construction (drawing and painting) of the yantra will take us deeper into the feeling of devotion, meditation and sacredness.

When our yantras are complete we will learn how to use them for daily meditation and take home the tools that can support us in this new year.