Honoring the Hidden Stories of our Soul: Creatively Revealing The Shadow––A Vikalpa Clinic

  • Devanadi Yoga School of Wellness 44 Upton Ave S Minneapolis, MN, 55405 United States
Through the creation of inner archetypal images, outer concrete material forms emerge which possess great power, intensity and meaning. Modern human beings urgently need to re-establish meaningful contact with this primitive layer of the psyche”  Mary Jane Markelle

*This workshop is designed for students that have either participated in The Four Desires Workshop, read the book (The Four Desires by Rod Stryker) or done the exercises.  Additionally this workshop can help anyone who has a clear understanding of a negative narrative in their lives that continues to repeat itself.

Dates: Sunday November 1, 2015
Times: 1:00-4:30pm
Location: Devanadi Yoga, Minneapolis
Price: $75 / $65 Devanadi TT Grads + $10 Supplies fee.

Reverence and devotion are paramount for sustaining a healthy, joyful and spiritual lifestyle. Historically, the representation of spiritual beings have helped humans to overcome suffering and pain.  Even today, humans idolize these beings and infuse them with spiritual and cultural significances. The hidden stories of our individual souls hold archetypal powers that when reveled support spiritual growth. These powerful stories yearn to be liberated

    In this workshop we will be combining an ancient creative method with a new approach to bring to light our own painful stories.  When this painful story—vikalpa— is purged, it creates space for contemplation, healing and expansion. By honoring the darkest part of ourselves we can gain insight and clarity into the best part of ourselves. 
Workshop students will: 

  • Clarify the vikalpa or negative narrative as a desire or an “I want” statement.
  • Explore techniques to “see” the vikalpa as an archetypal image.
  • Create a retablo (sacred image) of the painful story (vikalpa).
  • Understand the power that the vikalpa has and techniques to transform that energy.