Exploring Subtle Anatomy: Chakra Painting Training | Honolulu, HI

Chakra Yantra Painting Training at Devanadi

Chakra Yantra Painting Training at Devanadi

The Essence of the Chakras: Exploring Subtle Anatomy Creatively


Embark on a discovery of your Self through the architecture of subtle anatomy. The chakras are a system of unfolding awareness that can be experienced creatively by way of mantra, yantra, meditation, and movement to facilitate the tantric wisdom each chakra holds. 

In this teacher training students will discover the elemental aspects as well as the physical placement of each of the chakras through the movement of the body in asana practice. Within the practice, mantra will be used as a guide towards meditation, contemplation and journaling of the experience.

The architecture of each Chakra, as yantra will be learned via the creative practice of yantra painting. The combined effects of the workshop will give students a whole education on various ways to incorporate the wisdom of the chakras in their individual practice as well as in their current teaching.

Students will learn & Explore: 

  • How to draw and paint each chakra.
  • The tools used for yantra painting: compass, ruler, paint, brushes, simple painting techniques, and basic color mixing.
  • The sanskrit alphabet and the sacred lotus: learning the sanskrit alphabet and it's relationship to the chakras.
  • Archetype  of each chakra as life cycle.  
  • Meditation to dissolve the chakras
  • To create a set of chakra cards for use as a study/ practice tool.
  • The creative part of yourself, that's yearning to be remembered!



Dates: TBA
Location:  Open Space Yoga | Honolulu, HI
Price: TBD

This is part of a 3-part Workshop to become a Yantra painting teacher over time. We recommend that you take your time to infuse yourself with the techniques and sadhana that will support your creative growth, as many people discover their own healing via the process of using ancient creative medicine.

To facilitate a more educational learning environment, students will have one initial (optional) virtual meeting prior to the training as well as a supplementary virtual classes after the training. 

In the first virtual class you will learn and explore the basic tools and supplies required for the training. You will also be given a creative homework to familiarize yourself with the basic yantra painting tools. 

The class following the training will focus on individual questions about technique, the 40 day meditation practice, and the corresponding creative assignments. If students are not available for the virtual classes, they can view the recordings at their own time. These supplemental times were created to build a stronger community, a supported space for creative exploration, and a better teaching tool for students to thrive.