Unleashing Your Warrior Tools: The Power of Your Souls Purpose | Minneapolis

  • Devandai Yoga 4401 Upton Avenue South Minneapolis, MN, 55410 United States

When imagery supports a dharma code, the relationship of the student and their dharma grow roots. It is through a creative practice that we find a new way of relating to dharma code, in more than just words— as the full embodiment of the dharma code to be lived daily.

In this workshop students will find their power symbols in their Dharma code, which in turn will be the catalyst for them to take action. Similar to mythical Gods and Goddesses of all cultures and every pantheon, their tools set them apart. These warrior tools help us to act and move in the direction of purpose rather than reactivity or vikalpa.

Students will create an image of themselves, holding the tools necessary for battle against a disguised-shadow, complex or vikalpa. This representation will be of their best self, similar to the Hindu deities that hold the tools which represent their power, wealth, and immensity.


DATE: Sunday Dec 6, 2015
TIME: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
COST: $60 / $50 Devanadi TT Grads + $10 Supplies fee.
LOCATION: 4401 Upton Ave S | Mpls MN, 55410