Hanuman Yantra: Connecting to Your Humble Warrior

  • Yantra Wisdom Honolulu, Hawaii

DATE: March 8, 2015
TIME: 11:30am - 6:00pm 
PRICE: $108 
PLACE: Chanti’s house
Ayurvedic lunch will be provided
@ 1:00pm of Kitchari, greens and veggies, and of course Chai tea.  

Hanuman is the loyal student of the Sun and selfless servant of lord Rama. Hanuman is a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion. Hanuman is the ultimate symbol of devotion. As a tremendous warrior, he is capable of doing anything and lending aid to all. Hanuman's reputation for limitless help gained him the name Sankata-mochana, or "the Remover of Distress." He is particularly known for relieving difficulties that arise from Lord Saturn or Mars.

Constructing and Meditating on this yantra gives us the strength, courage and determination to remember exactly what we want and to run after it without hesitation.

Yantra painting is a meditative practice. Using the left and right side of the brain simultaneously, by chanting and drawing/painting, harmony arises. These ancient symbols also hold archetypal energy, the shapes and colors (depending on the yantra/chakra) help us to remember our primal self, and our divine nature. The chant is the link to the sacred sounds, they help to focus our inner chatter to just one thing at a time. Slowing down our minds, and shifting our perspective, we naturally feel better.