Yantra Painting | Chinnamasta: Cutting False Identities

  • Devanadi Yoga | Minneapolis, MN 4401 Upton Avenue North Minneapolis, MN, 55412 United States

Date: March 8
Time: TBA
Location: Devanadi Yoga
4401 Upton Minneapolis, MN
Register: devanadiyoga.com


In this workshop you will learn the archetypal mysteries of the great warrior goddess Chinnamasta, through the art of mantra, meditation & Yantra architecture. 

We will use the techniques of Yantra painting that naturally support the calming of manas mind to access the wisdom body Vijanamaaya kosha and the realm of the inner teacher. We will invoke the guidance of Chinnamasta as the deity that can lead us towards a clearer understanding of ourselves by cutting though the patterns of the mind, listening to the inner guide, and to take action in living dharmically. 

Chinna means “severed” masta is “head” therefor Chinnamasta is the headless goddess.  She symbolically represents the conscious removal of the activities of the mind or vrittis.

The workshop begins with invoking the creative energy by way of mantra. The meaning of the different parts that make up the Chinnamasta Yantra as well as the color will be discussed. The construction (drawing and painting) of the yantra will take us deeper into the feeling of devotion, meditation and sacredness. 

When the yantras are complete you will learn how to used them for daily meditation and take home the tools that support the path to quieting the mind in order to listen closely.