Yoga Asana In Miami- May 31

  • Daily Offering Yoga 6901 Biscayne Bay Dr North Miami, FL, 33181 United States

I'm teaching two public classes in Miami at Daily Offering Yoga! 
Space is limited, reserve your mat space! 

Sunday May 24 
9:00-10:15, $18

This practice will incorporate asana as pranayama, using the alchemy of breath and movement to discover versatile gestures of the physical spine. This merging will help to create equal support of strength and flexibility to find our spine as our center as well at the subtle center of our wisdom, in some traditions know to be in the heart. 

Sunday May 31
9:00-10:15, $18

We all need one day to nourish ourselves! This practice will use the wisdom of the mind and body to co-create self care on the mat. Similar to the way that a yantra is painted, with devotion, dedication and reverence. We will use the intelligence of the asanas to “paint” with our bodies, honoring it as temple of the soul––the most important yantra.