Birth Yantra: Creating the Vessel for your Heart’s Intentions | Minneapolis, MN

  • Devanadi Yoga 4401 South Upton Avenue Minneapolis, MN, 55410 United States

Dates: Saturday, July 2, 2016
Times: 10:00-5:00pm
Location: Devanadi Yoga | Minneapolis, MN
Cost: $80 / $75 Devanadi TT Grads  + $10 Materials Fee 

Creativity is similar to the labyrinth––a spiral towards center. The birth yantra is symbolic of the creative path; different from a maze the labyrinth has a specific goal. In this workshop we will use the labyrinth as a symbol to support the setting of our intentions or sankalpas. When the yantra is complete, it will serve as a tool to remember the journey towards the center as well as how it affects the path back out into the world. The labyrinth is historically found across different cultures and traditions. All share the collective awareness that the labyrinth is a process of self unfoldment inward and again outward. 

The practice of yantra construction and painting will be the vessel which can hold the “birth” of your creative endeavors and desires whether that is the support for a physical birth, the fruition of your current goal or sankalpa.