The Empowered Heart Chakra | Washington D.C.

  • Willow Street Yoga (Silver Spring) 8561 Fenton Street, 2nd Floor Silver Spring, MD 20910

Discover the subtle dynamics of the heart chakra through the ancient art of yantra painting.
with Chanti & Phil Bender. 

Yantras are diagrams or forms that are said to symbolize mantras, chakras and deities, among other things. But when engaged in practice, they become something more and draw us into a relationship with the particular essence of what they represent. By painting yantra, we focus our attention on a very tangible, hands-on endeavor and somehow awaken to a new depth of experience.

In this workshop, we'll begin with a brief discussion of the heart chakra and proceed to a gentle practice of movement, mantra and meditation. Then we'll move directly to the yantra work so that each participant will learn to draw and paint the heart chakra and take it home with them as a reminder of their empowered heart. Join us to explore your creative side and wed it to your yoga practice. 

$95 (includes asana practice and all materials to make Chakra mandala.