Creativity Mandala -30 Days of Living a Creatively Engaged Life (on-line course)

  • On-Line Course

The moon is a natural time keeper. Its cycle begins in total darkness, and at the midpoint, we awe at its brilliance. Then it continues its path back to darkness. Creativity too shares similar attributes— at times it is brilliant, and at other times it disappears.

For many of us, Creativity—like the moon—has lost its natural luminosity and purpose. We don’t engage in creativity because we have lost touch with our innate creative impulse, or we simply feel we “don’t have time.”

Join me in beginning, rekindling, and establishing a relationship with the Creative that you are! From the darkness of the new moon to the beginning of the next new moon, embark on a daily ritual of creativity.

This practice will help to inspire you to re-light that creativity that you have within in yourself. Its aim is to give you the space and support to create a relationship with your creative self. While a finished product may result from the practice, it’s more about the process of interacting and living creatively.

Start date: New Moon November 11 to December 10
Theme: Defining Creativity
Investment: $30

What you get: 

  • Daily inspiration 
  • Simple creative projects, suggestions for greater projects and projects that build from one day to the next. 
  • Online tutorials
  • Support to continue to create! 
  • A time to learn and engage with your creative self!