Fall Cleanse for Rejuvenation With Tanya & Chanti | Devanadi Yoga, Minneapolis, MN

Yoga | Herbs | Food | Ayurveda | Restoration

5 Days: Oct 3-7
Time: 6:30am-8:00am for Morning Practice + recommendations given daily for support throughout the week

Or join us virtually if you can’t make all the morning practices or you live outside Minneapolis. The Daily Practice will be sent to you each day immediately following the in-class practice.

Why Cleanse? Fall is an ideal time to cleanse the body and mind from the activity and intensity of the hot summer months. In yoga's sister science, Ayurveda, fall cleanses are nourishing, comforting and calming as we enter the dry, cold and windy time of year. Help get your body, mind and spirit in a cozy, grounded place in preparation for winter, as well as gain tools and support for helping you life a lighter, brighter life inside and out.

What’s included / What you get

  • Daily Classes & Rdejuvinative Practices
  • PDF Journal that includes: recipes, tips for cleansing,  self care rituals, daily sankalpa personal journal & bonus material. 
  • Mp3’s of each class which includes: asana, meditation, yoga nidra, relaxation and daily recommendations. These will be sent to you daily via dropbox.
  • Supportive FB group with sign up.
  • Likhita Japa book for sankalpa support
  • Dosha Quiz
  • 10% Discount on supportive products from the Devanadi Store


$108 No private included
$200 Includes Private one session during week: Home practice, Ayurvedic lifestyle , Thai or Energy work (Thai & Energy work only with Tanya) 

Oct 3-7 6:30-8am  Practice & Check-in
Limited to 15 students