Fiercely Awake: Ignite your Creative Truth

  • Yantra Wisdom 53 & Penn Minneapolis, MN 55419

Four Desires Creative Coaching

Immerse yourself in creative revelation and intimately explore the calling of your soul.
This course will infuse the teachings of The Four Desires by Rod Stryker with the creative labyrinth of depth psychology.

We enterthis world with a unique presence, yet struggle to embody that truth. Creativity has an authentic voice and a direct connection to our soul. Through the process of image making, ritual, mandalas, collage, poetry and active imagination we can forever open that portal and commit to remain fiercely awake.

 Students will be guided through a step by step process to uncover their soul’s unique-individual purpose and well as bring to consciousness the resistance that has been in the way. When you decide to make each intention and decision from a place of dharma or duty rather than dysfunction, life truly is joyful, expansive and sacred.

Week 1
Lakshmi: The Four Desires
The first week we will become familiar with the four desires in a creative way, to embark our psyche and studies with the four desires the heart. 

Week 2
Swapneshwari: Your Dream  
Our second week will focus on envisioning a life of purpose, and brining that image forward. 

Week 3
Kali: Honoring Resistance

This week we give ourselves permission to enter the underworld so that we may see what can easily get in the way of activating our purposeful dream. 

Week 4
Chamunda: The Antidote

In this session students will get a chance to be individually be guided to find the antidote of their resistance which will provide clarity and strengthen the individual purpose, dharma.

Week 5
Durga: The Invincible Power of Image

Once we have crossed over and recognized the dark parts ourselves, it is time to bring our dharma into daily action. This session will look at the tools necessary to empower ourselves in the world. 

Week 6
Chinnamasta: Ritual

This final meeting will focus on transformation and ritual. When we honor the darkness, forgive our past and radically accept our calling to consciously stay fiercely awake!  

Suggested Reading: 
The Four Desires by Rod Stryker

Dates: Jan 3-Feb 7
Times: Tuesdays 10am-1pm
Cost: Early Bird $300/ $350 after Dec 14
(5 student minimum 10 student maximum)

What do you get: 

  • 18 hours of classroom time in a small group (10 students or less)
  • Recordings of the meditation practices 
  • Yoga Nidra Recording 
  • Relaxation recordings
  • Some supplies necessary for the creative practices (others will be personal items brought by participants)
  • Facebook Sangha 
  • 20 Day & 40 Day virtual check in (after course is completed) 
  • Likhita Japa Book
  • Fiercely Awake Workbook