Teen Yantra Painting: Planet Mandala Workshop

  • Kimball Art Center 1401 Kearns Boulevard Park City, UT, 84060 United States

Immerse your teens in the world of yoga, meditation, and the creative process with visiting artist Chanti Tacoronte-Perez. The word yantra in sanskrit means tool, machine or instrument. Yantras are usually geometric diagrams, made of a small dot (bindu) surrounded by circles, triangles, and squares, each having symbolic meaning. These shapes come together to form the pattern of the divine.

A yantra is also a visual form of a mantra used to strengthen your focus in meditation. Tantric seers came to understand the different energies that the planets give off and how those cosmic forces influence our being. When each of us was born the planets were in specific patterns; therefore some of those planetary energies hold more power over us. Discover your most influential planet according to Vedic astrology/numerology in this sacred arts painting workshop. Balance the energetic qualities of the planets by constructing and painting your unique planet birthday mandala.

DATE: Friday June 17, 2016
TIME: 10:00-4:00pm
COST: $100 Materials Included.
LOCATION: Kimball Art Center, 1401 Kearns Boulevard
Park City, UT 84060 · 435-649-8882 · info@kimballartcenter.org