Deep Inner Space: Cultivating a Relationship with the 9 Vedic Planetary Energies

  • Yantra Wisdom 5300 Penn Avenue South Minneapolis, MN, 55419 United States

Tantric seers came to understand the different energies that the planets emit and how those cosmic forces influence our being.

In this 6 week series we will explore the nine planets (according to vedic astrology) and their unique attributes through mantra, yantra, meditation, vedic square and self exploration. 

Each week we will begin with a meditation in reverence to the corresponding planet, anda short lecture on the planet and it’s qualities. Then we will create a vedic square mandala, learn the limited color palette of the corresponding planet and relate it to the chakra system. The practice will be infused with the planetary mantra and class will culminate with a sharing circle of the process. 

What you will Learn: 

  • The technology of the vedic square 
  • How vedic numerology (in the Harish Johari Tradition) relate to the chakras system and the pantheon of vedic astrological planets. 
  • Use mythology to relate to the planets
  • Create a planetary color wheel. 
  • The individual mantras for each of the planets. 
  • Planetary medicine: How to incorporate, gemstone, meditation, nidra, asana practice, alter making to support your connection and exploration to each of the planets.


DATES: Wednesdays 9:30-12:30 (Aug 10, 17, 31 Sept 14, 28 Oct 5)
Limited to 8 students by invitation only 

COST: $306* (not including materials) 
Payment Plan available: 3 installments of 108 (totaling $324)

LOCATION: Classes will be held at Chant’s Home Studio 5300 Penn Ave. S. 

*there will be one make up class if necessary Date TBD
*Students must have completed some yantra, mandala, and/or chakra work prior to this class. This course was created for dedicated students who want to cultivate a sincere relationship with the planetary energies and use creativity as another avenue for self mastery. 

What You get: 

  • A recording of “how to use the vedic square" to keep using in your studies (at the end of the workshop) 
  • A planetary Yoga nidra
  • A planetary Meditation 
  • 6 Week online support 
  • 6 classes (3 hour) with Chanti 
  • A creative community 

Required books: 
Numerology by Harish Johari
Nine Designs for Inner Peace by Sarah Tomlinson