Prajna Teacher Mentorship: Module 2 | Devanadi Minneapolis, MN

Prajña is a knowledge that does not come from what we read or take in with our senses; it’s the possibility of another higher knowledge capable of confirming the teachings through direct experience. 

We seek for wisdom not in sense experience at all, but in that other way of knowing whatever called, in which the mind is alone and engaged in being. -Plato.

This monitorship program aims to support teachers synthesize the knowledge they attained in prior training by developing a greater commitment to svadyaya or self study. 

Our goal is to guide teachers to expand and cultivate their own self knowledge, to be better practitioners and teachers. After a 200 or 500 hour program, we tend to lose the sangha community we built during our training. When we loose our support at times we become less stimulated or uninspired or, we are just un sure how to digest all the information and bring into our lives. 

When we stop learning as an educator, we are missing something, when we create community and begin to intelligently discuss our role as a teacher, we not only fulfill our purpose. This program was developed to keep teachers learning, and when we learn and are inspired, our students, also learn are inspired and thrive. 

The mentorship program is committed to developing your skills as a student which in turn make you a better more qualified and refined teacher. We should remember that the goal of yoga and our responsibility as yoga teachers is to lead students to living a more healthy, joyful life, not only with how we conduct our classes but how we lead our own lives.

Program Overview

  • The classes will offer creative ways of assimilating previously learned information including, writing exercises, journaling, experiential practices and contemplation. 
  • This course will count towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education requirements.
  • This monitorship program aims at building confidence to work more closely with individual students, private clients and the more subtle practices of relaxation, pranayama, mantra and yoga nidra.

Fall Session program will meet: 
Sept 3: 1-4pm; Oct 1: 12-4pm; Nov 3: 6-7pm – virtual; Dec 10: 12-4pm; Jan 7: 1-4pm; Jan 21: 12-4pm

Price $300; can be paid in monthly installments of $100; limited to 10 students
Location: Devanadi Yoga | 4401 Upton St. Minneapolis, MN

Module 2 : Teaching Subtle Yoga

Yoganidra & Relaxation / Props & Posture Lab

  • The science and sacredness of yoga nidra 
  • Relaxation techniques 
  • How to support the body for rest using props and restorative poses 

Teaching Private students & Trusting Intuition

  • How to structure a one-on-one class
  • Taking a student diagnostic 
  • Strengthening your intuition

Sangha Support Virtual one hour check 6-7pm CST 

Meditation & Pranayama / Props & Posture Lab

  • Meditation practices & techniques 
  • Pranayama practices & techniques 
  • Posture lab to support meditation & pranayama

Working with anxiety & Depression / Props & Posture Lab

  • define anxiety and depression 
  • simple techniques for anxiety & Depression 
  • props and posture lab —how to work with injury: pain/ stress/ emotion

Mantras & Chanting in the classroom

  • teaching call and response 
  • what is mantra and why it works
  • personal mantra/ chanting practice 
  • bija mantras of the chakras