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Support Sangha | Minneapolis, MN

Sangha, is the Sanskrit word that means community, tribe, collective—these are the people that support you when you need it, listen and hold space for you to thrive and to equally, fail. This monthly gathering will help you to refine your Dharma Codes, look at the resistance while your striving to become or embody your intentions/ sankalpas, and continue to be inspired in your own self exploration. 

The Support Sangha aims to hold space for: 

  • Provide clarification for individual sankalpas
  • Support for the resistance that is revealed. 
  • Provide creative growth work for the in-between time to keep us engaged. 
  • Keep you accountable, and in direction of your resolve.

*Open to all seekers who have done The Four Desires program or have worked with intention setting and Dharma work privately. If you are looking to start this process, or just curious, contact me. 

Date: Sept 5 & Oct 31
Time: 10-1:00pm
Price: $64 (limited to 8)
Location: Yantra Wisdom, Private Residence in Minneapolis