Yantra Wisdom:
Our Creation Story

I was invited to a farewell dinner for a very special friend. As she cooked, guests took turns sitting at the little table in the kitchen; it was covered with a variety of tarot decks. We sat at the table, picked a card and read out loud from the accompanying book. Prompted by the pictures and meanings of the cards, we spoke of our dreams, our aspirations & our past. I was moved to announce in this room full of strangers, “I want to make some cards of my own.” My desire to create a beautiful deck of Yantra cards and share their wisdom, manifested. 


About The Artist

I have had a paintbrush in my hand since she could remember. In 2002 I graduated from Hampshire Collage with a BA in fine arts, (specifically oil painting) as well as a specializing in special education. Soon after in 2005, I began to deepen my studies in Tantric Yoga with my teacher Rod Stryker founder of Para Yoga. He has taught me that everyone has the ability and deserves to know their purpose and thrive in this life. 

Alongside my Para Yoga certification, I have studied and completed extensive Restorative Yoga and practical applications of yoga therapy with Judith Lasater. I travel to India yearly, where I I continue to learn and study sacred art from my  teachers Pieter Weltevrede & Mavis Gewant

I  live in Honolulu, Hawaii teach Yantra Wisdom workshops & yoga classes all across the United States; and in my second year at Pacifica Graduate Institute pursuing my masters in Humanities with an emphasis on Depth Psychology deepening my exploration of healing though creative practice.