Yantra Wisdom Distance Learning  

Individualized learning helps you to move in the direction you are seeking. Choose from our variety of distance learning topics to create a home practice, learn to make and paint a yantra, or kick start a healthier life with purpose and courage!

COLOR & SOUND THERAPY- The sacred art of yantra painting balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain and allows us to be creative, something many of us are lacking

Individual tutorials will give you an intimate step by step guide on how to create a yantra. Class will include the how-to architecture of a yantra, appropriate mantra to use while making the yantra, mixing colors and meditating with the yantra. To complete a yantra it takes 2-3 sessions.

DHARMA COACHING - Our focus will be on lifestyle changes that  move you towards living your life's purpose with a smile. We use The Four Desires by Rod Stryker as a text and guide for our meetings and your transformation!

AYURVEDIC LIFESTYLE & COOKING- We can really have a positive effect on our life when we are more in tune with how we treat our bodies;  we eat, how we eat, how seasonal changes affect us, as well as how we manage our digestive fire. Working with the fundamental principals of ayurveda we create a balanced life. These private sessions can help you to understand your dosha, and how to manage your physical asana practice to learning how create a meal according to your dosha.

TEACHER MENTOR-SHIP- This virtual mentor-ship program aims at guiding teachers to expand and cultivate their own self knowledge, to be better practitioners and teachers. 




All classes can be done over the phone, skype or google hangouts. The cost of one class covers one-hour distance learning session. 

For questions or to schedule a 15min consultation to see if Yantra Wisdom Distance Learning is right for you contact chanti at: chanti@yantrawisdom.com to set up a phone or skype call.