Lakshmi Yantra Tutorial for Abundance

Lakshmi 2 Color .jpg
Lakshmi 2 Color .jpg

Lakshmi Yantra Tutorial for Abundance


Laksmi Yantra for Abundance

In this tutorial you will be lead through the ritual of of drawing a Lakshmi Yantra, from beginning to end. Because it’s a video tutorial you get to pause, rewind and review, as many times as you wish! Videos are set up so you can stop and rest, and not ever rush. The process of making a yantra is a Sadhana, a spiritual practice—best executed with time and reverence. 

As a way to keep connecting with Laksmi, you will also receive audio files with one of her stories, a Yoga Nidra and her mantra to chant along to while you draw, color or paint. 

Here is what you get: 

  • A video tutorial on how to draw the Lakshmi Yantra. This tutorial also includes ways you can color or paint your yantra, as well as how to meditate with it.

  • Laksmi’s Story (audio 8 min)

  • Maha Laksmi’s Mantra (audio 2 min)

  • Yoga Nidra practice (audio 23 min)

  • Laksmi E-Zine (PDF) with construction tips, mantra, color chart, making a sacred space and more.

*Supplies you will need that is not included: paper, ruler, pencil, compass, paint, paint brushes and an eraser. 

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