What is a Yantra?

Yantras are visual tools that serve either as centering devices or as symbolic compositions of the energy patterns of a deity seen by Tantric seers in their visions”. Harish Johari

The word yantra in sanskrit means tool, machine or instrument. Yantras are usually geometric diagrams, made of a small dot (bindu) surrounded by circles, triangles, and squares, each having symbolic meaning. These shapes come together to form the pattern of the divine. A yantra is also a visual form of a mantra (sacred sound) used to strengthen your focus in meditation.

What will I learn?

The tutorials will give you a step by step video of how to create a yantra. Including drawing, chanting, mixing colors and meditation with the yantra. Each tutorial comes with a small downloadable file that will give you your secure password for viewing the video, and more information on the yantra. 

Can Yantra Painting make me feel better?

Yes! Yantra painting is a meditative practice. Using the left and right side of the brain simultaneously, by chanting and drawing/painting, harmony arises. These ancient symbols also hold archetypal energy, the shapes and colors (depending on the yantra/chakra) help us to remember our primal self, and our divine nature. The chant is the link to the sacred sounds, they help to focus our inner chatter to just one thing at a time. Slowing down our minds, and shifting our perspective,  we naturally feel better.

What supplies do I need?

Our first video will give you basic use of the drawing tools needed as well as what paints you will use in our first official tutorial on the First Chakra.

Yantra Wisdom Tutorials: