Yantra Painting | Tara: The Guiding Star

  • Prema Yoga | Northfield, MN Madison, WI

Tara takes us across the deep, dark, turbulent waters, that never have been crossed; navigating the stars, to be guided along the creative path. These waters often correspond to the mind. Tara evokes the Siddhi (power) of Trust. Trusting to be carried though difficulties of transformation and change, especially when one does not anticipate or know what awaits.

Yantra painting is a meditative practice. Using the left and right side of the brain simultaneously, by chanting and drawing/painting, harmony arises. These ancient symbols also hold archetypal energy, the shapes and colors (depending on the yantra/chakra) help us to remember our primal self, and our divine nature. The chant is the link to the sacred sounds, they help to focus our inner chatter to just one thing at a time. Slowing down our minds, and shifting our perspective,  we naturally feel better.

We will learn the symbology and meaning of the different parts of the Tara Yantra and how she relates to our own lives, as well a The construction (drawing and painting) of the yantra will take us deeper into the feeling of devotion, meditation and sacredness.

Date: Sunday, June 4, 2017 Time: 9:00am-3:30pm Location: PREMA YOGA           
220 Division St S. Northfield, Minnesota Register: (651) 343-4932      www.PremaStudio.com Cost: $65 + $10 materials fee (paid day of at workshop)